It’s easy to construct a PC which is really born with liberty.

We create a computer which conveys stable processing, individualization in great scale and the concept of minimalism.

Minimalistic Design of the Host Computer, silver

The right computational solutions for education, business, scientific research and quotidian.

You are at the right place. At Yi-Snow, our primary focus is to get you fit for life in a safe environment.

We are committed to helping you compute better and feel great doing it.

We do the simplification for you in belief of minimalism.

Designed by Modules

Carrying the computation elements of Intel NUC.

Petite and Slim Body

The host computer has only 21 mm in thickness. It doesn’t occupy your space.


Take advantage of the highly customizable theme and initial logo.


Stable electricity supply: built-in SFX power source, alternatively supporting 12Volts.


Capability of working in challenging environment

High Reliance

8 layers of gold-immersion art, able to run for 7/24

Abundant Extensions

Supporting additional installations of SATA Hard Disk, Audio Card and Capture Card.


Moreover, we are aware of climate change and our ecological cost.

Dayan Pagoda, Cultural Heritage of Xi’an
Shaanxi Provincial TV Tower, Scenery of Xi’an, China

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